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Are air source heat pumps worth it?

air source heat pump on side of building

Are air source heat pumps worth it?

What is an air source heat pump?

It is basically an outside boiler. It gets heat from outside and pumps it into your house, using electricity . It will even continue working, even at -20 degrees!

Is it worth getting an air source heat pump?

There is one big topic that everyone talks about at the moment – the cost of living crisis. 

People are looking at ways to save money and heating the home is a big talking point. 

Air source heat pumps can actually help to save money on heating costs compared to traditional heating methods such as gas and electric heating systems. Air source heat pumps use electricity to transfer the heat from the outside air to heat the home, rather than generating heat themselves. This means it makes them more energy efficient and cost effective compared to traditional heating systems. It can reduce your carbon footprint and save energy. An air source heat pump can be 300% more efficient than a standard gas boiler. 

How much money will I save with an air source heat pump?

The amount of money you save with an air source heat pump will depend on a number of factors. It can vary based on the current heating system, the size and efficiency of our home and also the local climate. On average, however, air source heat pumps can save around 25-50% on heating bills, which at the moment is quite a big sum of money!

Air source heat pumps also require low maintenance and have a service life of 15+ years.

Is there any help available to buy an air source heat pump?

There is actually a government grant available at the moment. Air source heat pumps can be eligible for government incentives to help offset the initial cost of installation. 

Before you decide if an air source heat pump is right for you and your home, we recommend that you have a professional assess your home and advise on the best heating system for your needs and to meet your budget.  

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