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Heating your home

heating the home

Heating your home

Heating your home is an essential requirement. However, many people have been left struggling with the rise in energy costs. Over half of bills costs are spent on heating the home and providing hot water, so how can you heat the home efficiently?

An efficient heating system is the answer. It can help to reduce your energy and heating bills, as well as reduce your carbon emissions.

There are ways in  which you can reduce your energy bills right now. This can include an air source heat pump, solar energy, ground source heat pumps and also just making sure you regularly service your boiler to ensure it is working as effectively as possible. 

There are also basic things you can do around the house to keep your energy bills down as much as possible, whilst having a comfortable environment to live in.

Keep the heat in.

It can be such a simple way to save a little bit of money and make sure the heat is staying in, but check for draughts throughout the home. Draught-proofing can help to reduce wasted heat energy. The energy saving trust says that draught-proofing the home can help to reduce carbon emissions. 

Insulating your loft and walls can also play a big role in keeping the heat in and therefore reducing your overall heating bills. 

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels have become more popular, and if you have the budget available, then they can save you a good amount of money each year. Solar panels are the most commonly installed renewable energy source. Solar panels also reduce your carbon emissions.

Air Source Heat Pump

A longer term solution is to install a heat pump. Heat pumps are an energy efficient heat source and are a more sustainable solution. The initial outlay is higher, however, longer term it will save you money on your bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

To find out how you can save money and heat your home more efficiently, contact us for a free consultation