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Central Heating Installation

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Central Heating Installation

Living in Cambridgeshire, we understand how important it is for a family to have reliable and efficient central heating. For over 16 years, our team has been providing central heating installation services throughout the region. From new builds to complete system upgrades, all of our work is done with absolute precision and attention to detail. 

We take great pride in making sure that each customer receives exactly what they need when it comes to their heating requirements. Our technicians are fully certified, so you can rest assured they know what they’re doing. 

As such, we guarantee speedy service with minimal disruption so your household can get back to normal as soon as possible. We also offer free quotes and consultations, allowing customers to make an informed decision before going ahead with any work that needs doing.

central heating installation
central heating installation

What are the benefits of central heating?

Central heating is a blessing that many of us take for granted. It provides a level of comfort, convenience, and safety that is hard to match. A central heating system provides a convenient way for homeowners to stay warm and comfortable throughout the year. It also allows them to control the temperature in their home by adjusting the thermostat from one convenient location. 

The physical benefits of having central heating are immense. The even distribution of heat provided by a central system can help reduce risks associated with cold weather, such as hypothermia or frostbite. 

Additionally, having consistent and adjustable temperatures makes it easier to maintain an optimal humidity level within your home, which can reduce allergies and other respiratory issues caused by dust mites or mould growth.

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Do you dread waking up in the middle of cold winter nights, struggling out of bed to switch on your inefficient and expensive electric heater? 

Have you grown frustrated with mounting energy bills due to a poor-performing or old central heating system that’s become unreliable? 

Having a new system installed could address all of your issues at once. RDS Heating & Renewables provide professional and high-quality central heating installation services. Contact us today for a FREE quote. 

Central Heating installation

What is central heating?

Central heating is a system used to keep our homes warm in the colder months. It works by using either a furnace, boiler, or heat pump to heat air or liquid and circulates it through a network of pipes. This heated air or liquid then heats the rooms in the house through radiators, underfloor heating or convectional heating units.

Modern central heating systems are designed to be energy efficient and reliable so that we can enjoy comfortable living conditions all year round. 

They generally use natural gas as fuel but some systems use electricity or even wood-burning stoves. Newer systems have multiple settings that can be adjusted according to individual preference such as fan speed and temperature control.

central heating installation
central heating installation
Who are we?

A little bit about us

RDS Heating & Renewables are local plumbers that specialise in central heating installation. We always strive to provide high-quality services. Our team of experts have been in the industry for more than 16 years. Our experience allows us to approach each project with efficiency and accuracy, ensuring optimal results every time.

We prioritise customer satisfaction above all else, making sure that all of our clients understand the process while we work to meet their needs. All installations are completed by qualified professionals who use modern techniques and top-of-the-line equipment. Additionally, we offer advice on energy-efficient solutions that can help you save money on your heating bills over the long term. 

At RDS Heating & Renewables, we make sure that each job is done right the first time around so you won’t have to worry about it again anytime soon!